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2:15 am
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I was walking to the bank one day, where my car was double parked cause
a) no car park available
b) i was just going to bank in money where it would take at most 5 mins

When i got out from the car, this indian guy quickly rushed over to promote his rust-whatever remover liquid thingy. He started his sales pitch with:
"Eh, ah moi. Ini rosak boleh hilang." (pointing to the banged up portion of my car)

"tak mau, tak mau" I was already rushing since i was double parking and i was nervous whether the indian man was using this tactic to approach my car then smash my windows when i'm out of sight to take my bag (yea... creative imagination indeed. I'm a little paranoid with strangers)
So I ran into the bank and did my business while keeping an eye on my car. I saw he left my car alone so whatever la

When I came out from the bank, he again rushed to me.
"EH! Ini rosak boleh hilang la."
(Seriously, I hate promoters like this. I have products at home which can get rid of the rust also la. But it'll just rust up again. so what's the point right? unless i use my liquid paper and cover it up. ahahahaha)
I said "tak apa" while waving my hand
When I got into my car i heard him say, "CEH. Ini cara kamu layan kereta kamu. tak tau jaga kereta langsung"

Pissing off indeed.