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7:46 pm
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i think i'm a little too relaxed.

must jam into my head that i'm going to sit for EOS 3! Everyone was so scared of EOS 2 cause of the high failure rate. no one talks about eos 3 like that :(
But still... no way i'm going to pay rm1000 for a resit. + I don't want to spoil my holidays

But curse it all. I still can't take it seriously. Been bumming around since last friday.
And a week has pass already!!!!

Clinical examination practises.... I don't think I take it seriously enough. I must be serious. arghhhh

Just to scare myself:
Stuff to study:

  1. physio (10? lectures)
  2. Anatomy (2 lectures?)
  3. embryo (2)
  4. Patho ( a lot. uncountable. 10ish)
  5. pharmaco (3?)
total: 40 ish lectures i think. hahahaha

  1. physio (5?)
  2. anatomy (1)
  3. embryo (1)
  4. patho (10+)
  5. pharmaco (3)
total: 30 ish lectures

GIT + Haem. need at least 1 week to revise them again (i can feel the infomation flying out already)
so i have 3 wks to study cvs and respi :(
Need to read up PBLs and go through MMS pictures. Need to read the clinical examination book. Need to practise for OSCE. @_@

ok. go study sooky