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5:15 pm
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buat baik, dibalas baik

true, or not?

i would love to believe in this. and i am.

but i also know that this world isn't as ideal as it should be. people's minds are hard to look into and not everyone is like the kindest person you know.

i'm the type of person who is a little more reserved and self conscious. I don't often voice my opinions but when i do, i say what i mean and nothing more. There is always a little leeway to my words so my words cannot be used against me as once bitten, twice shy. I do not like asking people for help as I've been taught not to trouble people unnecessarily. Through that i would like to think that i grew a little more independant and therefore I don't show much emotions to other people. It's not that i don't want to show them, but it's more like my 2nd nature to tuck them away in their little corner once i step out from the house. It disappears from my mind.

although i'm not good in calming emotions or say comforting words, when people ask for my help, I do try my best.
Then why in the world, at times, i feel a little more empty inside?

must be those darn hormones again.