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5:10 pm
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It's time to look forward.
I remember some "words of wisdom" fr a tv show some long long ago (yea. my tv spews out words of wisdom every 10 minutes. that's why i watch tv everyday. aahahhahaa):
"we were born with our eyes facing front cause we were meant to look forward not backward"

ok. super cacated words of wisdom. same like our nose was placed in front cause we were meant to smell frontwards. yes. very logical.

anyway, dear joanne and anyone else who reads my blog who received the results today *waves! hello!!!...[slowly echoing away....... i don't think most of my batchmates know i blog/bother. wateva. more freedom to crap]* look forward and not backwards. reflect on past mistakes and strive to amend them. now we shall have no excuse to procrasatinate as orientation is over long long ago and our juniors are already furnitures in the library.
actually, these words of comfort are for me too. i feel comforted already. don't you?

thus begins my studying period again. i hope i do better in the next test as constant improvement is always a good thing. + I want to show off to my brother just this once(ah... the spirit of kiasuness)
till then, lalalallala. watch this space for random mumblings and very public anouncements of how much i hate medicine and exams.