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7:31 pm
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It's crunch time babeh!

cram cram cram.

i find myself in the same cycle each time. darn u procrastinator brain.

on another note, went to a junior's bbq party. and found out that my cho tai ti skills are getting rusty. darn it. forgot to play blackjack. hahaha. another easy card game.
Tej's mom's cooking skills rock. love the fried rice and the marinated chicken.
thanks to all the poor people standing guard beside the bbq pit too.


was talking to a friend that i haven't talked to in ages eventhough we practically sit at the same row everyday for lectures. strange how distant people can be eventhough we are sitting beside each other. anyway, he asked a question,
"if letsay you would die the next day (touchwood), how many friends would attend your funeral?"
the first thing that came into mind was parents and relatives. but he said FRIENDS. hahaha. I'm actually not quite sure. I'm hoping at least 3.
it's hard to say as funerals are such a sombre event. If it was a birthday I would probably say 11 people would most definitely come if they could.
Then as we all are still "under the care of parents", we have parents as a factor to consider as well (superstition, etc).
Soo... I'm sticking with 3 people. Well, i'm not thinking that they would be terribly devastated with my death but they'll come just to pay respect.

which then begs the questions,
"how many of my friend's funeral would i go to (again, touchwood)?"
honestly, i don't know. I think would most definitely go for 6.

enough with the solemn affair which most likely to happen in another 50 years (which by then i hopefully get to know more fantastic people and still be friends with all my buddies) and on to happier things:

I'm done with my skirt!!! yay
My next project (which will be in august, sadly) shall be a blouse. a ruffled blouse to be exact. ahahahhahahahahahah.
my entire ensemble shall be complete before the start of sem 4.