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6:21 pm
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I miss doing maths!!!
but it's so disappointing that these qws which all seem so familiar seems so foreign to me.
All mathematical laws and formulas i have totally forgotten

i can remember the time 2 yrs ago where the formula can just roll of my tongue at any prompt.
It's used so often that's it's impossible to even forget the damn formula.
now...................... T_T
I can't even remember what do we use (b^2 + 4ac)^1/2 for. I'm saddd
so today when my father asked me to help my lil bro to derive the quadratic formula... i conteng on 3 whole pieces of paper and i still couldn't derive it. I know that i managed to derive tat damn formula when i was in form 4/5. But now.....................................
So i google it. and lo and behold, there the derivation was. So freaking easy.

Well, as consolation i was actually on the correct track. only i didn't know how the heck to implement those ideas together.
+ i slept only 5 hrs last night, had a very long day and typing this with one eye closed due to sleepiness and lady gaga's music blasting away to keep me away (with no success). any spelling or gramatical error must be excused.