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6:45 am
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i crashed my car!!!!!!!

nooooooooooooooooooooooooo..................................damage done :D

technical details (aka boring crap):
location: junction at SS14 where cars turn in from the main road to head up straight to SMKSJ.
yea... that place where there are 2 hawker centres opposite each other at the junction.

me: turning right from the row of shops into the main road

other women: turning left to head to the school from the main road

how?: i stopped at the junction and looked. no car. moved. i guess i was being too cautious? cause i wanted to make sure there were no car coming on my left so i looked there. all this time my car is blardy slow la cause i only pressed the accelerator a little and just press clutch down all the while. meaning my car was running on its initial momentum.
BAM! shortly after i crossed (mind you, the accident took place when i was halfway across this women's lane WITH signals flaring to the right) This means that the women just only turned in. she wasn't there when i was looking. no car = cross la. if u see a car at the junction, no matter how slow they are but already halfway crossing (meaning their front wheels are way beyond the white line at the junction), do you:
a. brake. let the car cross.
b. accelerate and try to cross before the other car crosses
c. crash into my car for fun cause it's a kancil. you wanna know how much of a toy car it actually is.
d. brake. and curse your heart out because this stupid P driver kancil dunno how to cross junctions.
e. honk like crazy

I think the women chose either b or c.

so after a lot of sign language exchanged at the site of accident, i reversed to let her and the accumulating cars pass through the junction. i didn't turn this time but went straight so i can stop my car at the side of the road to inspect. looks like no damage done. i couldn't see the other car anymore. then when i went back into the car, joanne, who was in my car, also said that the woman didn't stop. blehhhhhh. so i went off on my way

now that i'm calmer and thinking straight, dunno if it was the other women's fault entirely. i could have avoided the accident too. BUT SHE ALSO COULD HAVE! (im telling the latter sentence again again in my head so the guilt is not there) + something is bothering me. did the woman actually stopped but at a farer place? or was she planning to make a uturn to come back to the scene??? did i wait long enough for her to come back?
cause i inspected pretty fast (the site of the accident was the exact same place i damaged last last yr. so i don't think that the dented area became any worst).
how long should a person wait for the other car?
i was thinking at that time that since my kancil no damage, her wira prob no damage also. + she was at fault so she ran away.
but i know that malaysian drivers will hardly ever admit that they are wrong (xcept at places like banging fr behind at a traffic junction) so there was a high possibility that she wanted to stop.
the only reason i could think of: she didn't want her precious son/daughter to wait at the school any longer (friday, school ends at 12.30pm, the time of accident was probably 1pm)

wat the stupid heck. if she makes a police report. hopefully wat ever damage that is done, she will not bother. i thought my headlights will be cracked cause i swore i heard glass cracking. hahahaa. kancil headlights better than wira's.