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8:10 pm
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I checked out some of my old posts since Joanne was checking them out.


I feel extremely childish in those post. Fyi, i never did advertise my blog that much when i first started and only really started posting regularly in college. So the first few years of my posts, my mind went free and posted anything i wanted. including childish antics, emoness, and a lot of name mentioning.

haiz. so whatever it is, here's a disclaimer:
"Whatever that is written in this blog only expresses my feeling at the time of typing."

I was also hoping that i would see a change in writing style and level of maturity in my posts comparing the current posts and those posts decades ago.

sadly, i'm still the same childish person with the same ol boring writing style. (which actually reminds me of a person complaining. so my whatever i write, it sounds like i'm always complaining. well, to me that is. not that i mind it a lot. it scares away curious people that stumble across this blog randomly)

it's already 3.25am. and raining extremely heavily. let's hope that i don't wake up in knee-deep water (highly unlikely tho, since i'm sleeping on the 2nd floor and my house is basically on top of a hill. :D)