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6:18 pm
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A BUG DROPPED ON ME TODAY. when i was sitting in the living room

after realizing that something dropping on my shoulder is not normal i started to freak out and basically did a super fast version of a bhangra dance (speed up x10) much to the amusement of my 2 parents.

definitely not amusing to me

then my mom took pity on me and checked my shirt for me. she said there wasn't anything there anymore.
so i proceed with watching the tv, making drinks (100 plus +honey + lemon. and yes, i drank this at 11pm. talk about leading a healthy lifestyle), playing computer.

then i felt an itch on my shoulder.. scratch scratch.. oo.. what is this i feel... something hard and ticklish..................................


so i tore off my shirt and found the stupid beetle with a few legs missing.
talk about icky and disgusting.

reminds me of the time where i was supposed to be in choir practise that time (yes, joined choir for prob 3 months, then quit XD) when i started feeling something crawling in my shoe while we were all singing. after the song finished i practically flung my shoe 3 whole meters away.
stupid black beetle was happily crawling around in my school shoes

why beetles... why do u guys have a personal vendetta against me?
i pray to the beetle gods... pls don't kacau me anymore!

and that's the end of the super random but true story post.