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6:33 am
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procrastinating now. supposed to go study haematology. friends already started studying darn it all. haven't even got back the results for our previous summative.

ooo... secret msg.
btw, there's always one thing bothering me since i started uni.
I have no idea why this bothers me so much, i literally feel a weight in my chest each time i think about it.
and it's no help that i have an evil stepmother in my brain constantly pulling me down.
so day to day, i ignore that thing. hence, i always feel that i'm floating by each day. i feel that sometimes, i'm not even there in person. i choose to ignore this so much that i slowly begin to ignore everything.
my group did a sketch about people wearing masks, not showing their true self.

the problem is now, i'm confused with which is my mask and which is my true self?

confusing day for self discovery.