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6:11 pm
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just now, in a moment of craziness, studying cardiac failure drugs, my heart sank a few thousand miles cause i suddenly thought that my exam was this friday.

it's next friday

after i realised that, and breathed a sigh of relief, i quickly realise that it wasn't much of a relieve.

considering i go super fast, the most i can spare for respi system is only 1.5 weeks.
yea... cram 4 weeks of lectures into 1.5 weeks.

way to go sook cheng. you've done it again. dug your own grave each time an exam comes around.
3 hr sleeping a day, here i come.
(sry body, but hopefully since i just recovered from a nasty flu bug, leftover antibodies are still circling around)

progress: faster than before
studying: cardiac failure drugs

rheumatic heart
infective endocarditis
valvular disease
cardiac failure
Disease of arteries, veins and lymphatics
drugs for cardiac failure
anti-lipidemia drugs
lipid metablism
regulation of bp
anatomy of blood vessels

days to finish cvs: asap