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weird dream
12:45 pm
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another weird dream.
and no, not about wedding bells or anything like that.

I told some friends about this sort of dreams i get.
anyway, a few nights ago, I dreamt i was being followed by a really weird brown small men thingy. I was pretty cool about it in my dream, walking around my house although i know i was being followed by it. Even discussed about what the heck it was with my brother.
Very scientifically i must add.

Then I decided to run into the thing. I was like "heck it. i wanna found out what happens if i bump into you"

Hmm.. bad idea i must say. I expected to wake up from the dream... but nooo..
The entire visual of the dream vanished. I was staring into blackness. But still in a dream

And I sort of went into a panic mode. I could have sworn that I felt the back of my body go icy cold. Seriously.. with my incredibly imaginative brain I was like "oh !@#!$! A ghost must be like sitting on top of me"
Oh.. i was aware of myself being in a dream all this while, so my conscious brain was still working.
Anyway.. panicked and tried to wake up. Only to find that I can't. It's like a really giant rock is sitting on your head and its mentally really exhausting to force yourself to wake up.
I remember now that i actually had the feeling where i was screaming in my head to get somebody to help me wake up.

Trying to wake yourself up isn't fun at all. First of all... I can actually open my eyes and see my room. Except that i can't move. Then the lid of your eyes will always feel like they are gonna close again. So repeat opening and closing eyes a few times. Sometimes if i can keep them open for a longer time period, i automatically wake up.

For this dream... i say i tried about 3 times before i get pulled back into the black hole of darkness. Then I did a really smart thing. I was like "this is a stupid dream. reality is... cardiovascular system and IMU." Then i sort of recall a few pages of the book I was studying before i fell asleep and yay! i woke up.

Turns out i've was sleeping lying on my front and the blanket wasn't covering my back (that explains the really cold feeling) and been asleep for like 30 minutes. It was 4.30 am and i had to wake up early the next morning. Hooray

This sort of dream happened to me before (being stuck in dream mode and trying to get back to reality). I googled around a bit and I'm not the only one!
Turns out a lot of people are like that.
Some worse off where they get this kind of dream EVERY SINGLE TIME they fall asleep.

Man... how horrifying is that.

Found out that most people have this sort of dream when they are really tired and fall right asleep after they hit the bed. So they fall into a deep sleep too fast.

And there is such thing as getting the paralyse feeling, called sleep paralysis. Apparantly our body releases some chemicals to paralyse the body so we don't respond to visuals in our dreams. For example, it's to stop your body from actually running or jumping when you are doing so in your dream. So when u wake up too fast from a dream, sometimes the brain still thinks its in a dream and so your body is still paralyse. But interestingly, your senses is still working. So most ppl can hear and feel xcept they can't move a muscle.
Wiki says possible causes are:
wiki also says that most common people will experience this 1-2 times in their lifetime.

anyway, i think must be more frightening for people sleeping around the affected person when an episode occurs. imagine .. looks like being possesed or something.
opening closing eyes... breathing heavily.
eeee. I remembered i asked my sis once.
And good for her, as an elder sis she told me that a ghost was prob sitting on my head when i was pretty young. that freaked me out.

ish. so, if anyone beside you looks like they are having a pretty bad time while sleeping, do them a favour and slap them right across the face.
that ought to get them sit right up straight away.