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7:44 pm
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just cause i randomly thought of it.

i'm like a hiccup machine once.
siao chen, yik ming and hui xian should remember during the time we went for a pbsm camp, i hiccuped every single time after a meal. meals which were quite often.
cause well, it's a camp and they don't want woeful parents to come complaining to the school that their poor child has lost 100 grams after coming back from the camp.
that camp was really fun come to think about it. we discovered many funny things about our schoolmates.
and that's when i got to clean a toilet with hui xian. and prob waste a few hundred litres of water.

at least i'm not as bad as a girl who i think has hiccup for the past 16 yrs damn, this guy called Chales Osborne had hiccups for 68 years. I wonder how the guiness book of record ppl certify that he had hiccups for the past 68 yrs...?

oh well. glad i'm not him