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5:23 pm
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i'm getting so forgetful

i forgot that im supposed to return 2 library book and now i have rm4 in overdue charges.
seriously. wth is wrong with me? ever since cny holidays are over i feel as though my brain as degenerated into a lump of crap. i forget things constantly.
I'm so freaking angry at myself for forgetting such simple but important things.
I was always forgetful, leaving bottle here and there, forgetting if i lock my car, forgetting the parking space, leaving files here and there but never was i forgetful in important dates and events.
I'm so freaking pissed. but i think i'm being extremely hard on myself too. things have passed and there's nothing i can do to reverse the change. And here i am feeling like shit and beating myself up about it.
I think ever since i forgot that stupid PBL date i've been getting more stressful each day, killing myself constantly for forgetting such an important date. Bloody exams around the corner also doesn't help much.

i think i need to forget about everything ironic as that sounds and focus on more important things.
i need a breather. i need calm and silence. I wish time would stop for a day and just stop.

freaking pissed off. stupid crappy brain.