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the voice i hear in my head is not the same voice that other people hear.

.....i'm not on drugs

It should be pretty obvious that it should be different. But i don't get recorded a lot and when i stumbled across a video with me talking crap, i was like "does my voice really sound that annoying?"

so google i did. and yes. found the answer to that.

i can't stand my "real" voice which is what other people hear.

apparantly, because of the sound resonating fr
the vocal cords to the cochlear passing through bones, sinuses, etc
the actual sound waves being transmitted through air, when we hear ourselves talking, it'll be a mix of those 2 frequencies. The one passing through bones and etc will be of lower frequency. So whatever we hear when we speak, other people will hear it as higher pitched.

So normally studios have those net like thingys before the mic to capture the lower frequencies to make it sound... true-er?

That explains y those really bad singers at American Idol think they can sing so well.
I wonder if the effect varies person by person though. Cause i know some family members who aren't that surprise when they hear themselves recorded.

I must have some really cun resonating device in my anatomy somewhere cause what i hear and what i hear recorded sound very different.
Thus, I hate my voice. freaking annoying. wonder how my friends and family can stand it.

Or maybe like one random stranger in the Internet pointed out, people are usually so used to hearing what they perceive their voice is, when they hear their recorded voice they can't believe that's what they sound like so they can't get used to it = hate.
Friends and family should be used to my voice already by now so i shouldn't be too worried about annoying them.

I just have to stay away from recording devices so i don't annoy the hell out of myself.