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New Year post
3:41 am
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(potentially boring post. go away readers who have eye-allergy to somewhat emo post)

Oh.. looks like i forgot a new year post with all my ramblings on self-pity.
Now that i'm well again (and about to scoot off to uni in 45 mins), here's my new year post.

One thing i love to do before writing this is look back i what i wrote on the 1st last year.
And that was a pretty emo-sad post.

2008 was the year i went to uni and went for the infamous IMU orientation.
IMU now is the place i curse regularly about on a daily basis but still end up going back there everyday.
I learnt to drive so much better and now I'm driving to IMU everyday
I met Joanne, Chong Sen, Jeremy, Jae Ric, Esther and so many other people in uni. We shared pretty fun times together that year but I still feel the closest to dearest joanne and chong sen (aka the 3 musketeers)
I kept my resolution and still keep in touch with my college buddies (dear Sabby, Yi Wen, ganesh and ashC + wee kiat and tony) and of course my high school buddies (all of which i met during my holidays)
I slept at 12pm at one point and crammed so much infomation over a span of 1 week for all the exams i sat for. And continued to forgot those said infomation in 2 days.

2009? Another 1.5 yrs more in Malaysia (hopefully. as in i pass all my exams and not get retained another yr or two. lol)
More driving on the LDP and more awkward moments to come.
And I look forward to spend time with my closest buddies and chatting nonsense over MSN with the yum cha gang.

And I really like to thank Yen. Cause i read back my old sms-es (my handphone has sms since like... september) and i think she gave me the most support when i was stressing out over my EOS and my brief emo period during the start of uni. But prob Kaye, Yeen and XX gave me support over MSN too. hahahaha