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6:55 pm
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Off i shall head to malacca, bandar bersejarah. The thing with ancient cities are that ppl usually go there to visit maybe once? twice? cause the same monuments will be there all the time.

This is the 50th? time i'm heading back there. Whenever the word malacca is mentioned, it makes me cringe slightly.
Maybe its because of the company.
Not that i dislike my extended family. But its because our family has probably the worst case of zip-locked mouths. Cousins rarely talk to each other.
Which is weird. Cause most of my cousins are mostly around my age (age gap of about 5 yrs-ish?) Same age group so it means we should get along pretty well right?

weirdly, no.

Weird awkward air fills the living room each time we are gathered. Only the adults can chit-chat till 3am. We all just linger round- watch tv, go upstairs, read book, watch tv, eat (repeat x10).

Not to mention, there is no astro, no internet. At least they have a tv.

And there is nothing to sightsee over there. All the shops are closed. All hawker stalls are closed. Mahkota parade is the smaller version of Summit. A Famosa is just a brick building with no roof and a well in the middle. Jonker street all sell too much tourist souvenir stuff.
All museums are overcharging crap. What else is there to see? I remember their beach as quite horrific too. I went there as a little girl and was so excited to see the beach i kicked off my slippers to run in the "soft" sand. I had to run back to get my slippers later as there were all kind of crap in the sand- broken branches, shards of glass, giant rocks, etc.
I don't think their beach has improved much.
Bukit Cina- hill with lots of tombstones- is only 5 minutes walk away from my aunt's place. So i've seen that place a lot of times.

Not to mention the freaking traffic jam in the city.

happy cny anyway.