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12:45 pm
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Driving to nilai tomorrow.

gasp. first time i'm gonna drive cross a state border. and clueless me; i always thought nilai was part of selangor till i saw the address in the handout given by IMU.
perhaps i won't be driving since we didn't technically ask everyone. Maybe someone with better experience shall drive? (cross fingers?)

Since i'm darn scared of being lost on the North-South highway ( I might just end up in Seremban! or Malacca! or maybe JB!!), I looked up how to get to nilai. Not too bad but from what i see fr google maps (i love google, don't you?) the map IMU provided is seriously seriously VERY VAGUE. Actually, i can't even figure out how to go to Nilai Clinic using the map IMU provided (and satellite view provided by Google)

But i found out a fun fact. If you drive upnorth, everyone knows u can cross the Thai border. But did you know that the network of roads extends all the way to Iran?
Cool le.. so you can drive to Iran if you wanted to (it's 13,177 km in total. so if you spend 12 hrs/day driving at 90km/h, u'll reach there in nearly 2 weeks.)