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...I have to be sick on the 365th day of the year


so i shall end the year with a .... *cough*
i know it's a day early but i shall be wallowing in my sea of self pity tomorrow. Yeesh, spending new year's eve at home with my father only since my mom and lil bro is off to perak to attend my cousin's wedding dinner.
Not that spending new year's eve with my father is bad. Except that new year's eve, or whatever special occasion there is (including my birthday, my mom's birthday, his own birthday, etc) is basically a normal day to him. So to him, tomorrow is Wednesday and the day after next is Thursday. Very practical guy.

And in the bigger picture, spending new year's eve at home sick is really nothing. I have bigger problems and worries to face next year. Hopefully with me being sick so often this period, i better be freaking well for the entire span of next year!