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Since i've never done this for a looong time,


Blast from the past. Here are some pics in my phone/folder that prob u guys nvr got the chance to see (or prob forgotten about it)

And i shall of course add extra photos of a certain narcissist i know that keeps commenting my blog is boring.

:D Enjoy!!! *evil laugh* It's good to be the photographer most of the time :D

(dun worry if i post embarassing photos since well... most that read my blog knows you guys *or should i say a certain someone* well enough, and those who don't, well... don't know who in the world u guys are)

Lol. and its a weekend so he prob can't see this post till... next week? hahahahahaha

After rummaging through some very very old pics, i decided i shall start from... the beginning of time:

Librarian trip to Cameron, Form 3 :D

Fast forward 2 yrs later....

(ancient) Yen Kaye!!


My sis and I in Mid valley

Randomness after SAM
Christmas! 1 yr already

ZARA-fied Kaye


Leo's place, Amber Chia's den

This pic is so ancient

Yen setting her hair on fire

Nice food!

Family pic

(didn't know i have sooo many photos of you)

Pregnant. Who's the father?

Finally...... 10 months before:
And I shall finish off with a pic of u:
10 months after pic shall be added when i do get the photos :D