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2:56 pm
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somehow, nowadays when i'm alone, i get this feeling nagging at me.


I hate falling asleep because i know a day will pass, which is a day closer to going back to uni.

Books are still left untouched.
Facts slipping away into nothingness.
And my desk is still not cleared. till this day

and now i have the darn cough that's making its rounds among my friends.
And i'm the last to get it. which sucks cause the end of the holidays is the period you don't want to waste lying in bed coughing your lungs out and stuffing medicine down your throat.

stupid cough.
stupid virus. i have no idea what virus it maybe eventhough i memorized so many viruses last sem. study so hard but yet my memory is failing me.

this has got to be the most frustrating feeling in the world.