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Horoscope for 2009
10:04 am
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Simple Horoscope for 2009 by fantastico Mdm Sooky

Guaranteed to be true 100%. If any ill fortune befalls you, be sure it's because you didn't follow Mdm Sooky's advise.

Snake- Be careful of everything

Tiger- Relax when stressed

Dog- Be wary of your surrounding

Dragon- Pay attention to details

Horse- Do not be wasteful

Monkey- Overexertion is to be avoided

Pig- Keep your cool

Ox- Smoking is bad

Rabbit- Do not walk through dark alleys alone

Rat- Drive carefully

Rooster- Do not eat the mouldy bread

Sheep- Working hard is key

Remember... follow Mdm Sooky's advise for good fortune, good karma, good health and to bring in a lot of money.

Yes, i just pulled that out of my ass. Boredom, it does wonders