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4:31 pm
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things i've noticed while driving:

1)Motorcycles will always know first when the traffic light will be turning green

2)People love putting on their hazard light while in the rain eventhough it has been emphasized not to. Hazard lights makes it easier for others to see your car but we don't know where the heck you're turning to. I think hazard light should only be turned on (in the rain) when you're in the slow lane.

3) People don't put on their hazard light when they actually break down! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD

4) City cars love to suddenly stop without any indication that they will be stopping and finally signals to stop after they notice they have caused a minor traffic jam

5) Drivers in general don't use their signals enough. Or sometimes even signal the opposite way they are going. SIGH

6) Motorcycles are magical. They can appear out of nowhere.

7) Dodging potholes is an important skill to learn when using the LDP

8) People show no mercy to kancils. :(
Pity the little people!

9) Some drivers really dunno how to keep in their lane

10) If there is a traffic jam on a highway, it's 99.9% caused by an accident up ahead (and may not even be on the same lane you're using)