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I got so bored during the holidays i chopped my lion's mane off.

Yes! I finally did the deed!!!

Buahahaha.. and its really quite short.
no pics so u guys have an excuse to come see me during the holidays.

So for the rest of the holidays i'll be fiddling with my hair trying to make sure the ends stay down and not become crazy.

Oh, and I attended a launching of a new drug (antiplatelet therapy to be given to those ppl prone to thrombosis) by some company with my parents. I was a bit hesitant to go at first since I always feel embarassed to be the only one in the entire hall with half-assed medical knowledge.

Well, turns out that some doctors brought their daughters too, some as young as 5? and sons that look like 15. My medical knowledge can't be that horrible compared to them.
The reason why ppl brought their clueless children along is cause the drug company actually invited Kanebo to give a makeup workshop for the doctor's spouses that didn't want to attend the oh-so-boring medical lecture and there was a jazz band called Aseanic United Band (or something like that) invited to play for the evening. And not to mention the absolutely fab dinner they threw in at Le Meridian hotel :D

Ok, so i followed my mom to the makeup workshop. At first it was darn boring. But after the demonstration, we got to play with makeup. A LOT OF MAKEUP
Give a bunch of girls a lot of makeup to play with and the party can never go wrong.
Suffice to say, i played with a lot of makeup which is damn fun.

And for the first time using liquid eyeliner, surprised I didn't turn out like the wicked witch from the west.
No photo since i didn't bring any camera and by the time i got home, my makeup was pretty faded since i kept rubbing my eyes whole everning. hahahaha

Oh, surprise... surprise, I saw an IMU batchmate there (Jien in case anybody is wondering)