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yeah.. more procrastination goodness

The Self:
[1] Name: Sooky (too many ppl call me this now. even i refer to myself as sooky T_T. sookY not sookIE. or SUKI. i dunno, i'm pretty fussy)
[2] Nickname: oh whoops. refer to above. + sookychengy, redtomato, erm.. somehow i became kiasugirl in xx's blog
[3] Married: no
[4] Zodiac Sign: cancer. that's right the fierce and smart zodiac sign. buahahahhaa
[5] Gender: Female
[6] Age: 19
[7] High School: SMKSJ
[8] College: Taylors College. (i seriously thought taylors was a college for tailors when i was somewhere around 9)
[9] Height: Varies with diff measuring devices. what can i say, my bone is like jell-o
[10] Weight: depends when u weigh me. exam period or non-exam period.
[11] Do you like yourself: sometimes
[12] Piercings: 3 on each ear
[13] Right or left: rightie
[14] Are you a freak : freak of nature? probably. aren't we all freaks to be the only living, talking organism in the whole world to walk on 2 legs? and the only organism to feed their babies with milk from diff species?
[15] Hair: dark dark brown roots showing with dyed dark mahagony brown and copper-red highlights
[16] Skin: tanned.
[17] Allergic: to a certain anti-emetic drug.
[18] What are you doing now: supposed to be studying the skin.
[19] What will you do 1 hour later: finish studying
[20] What will you do 10 years later: if i'm not dead yet, prob the same thing i'm doing 1 hr later: still studying

[21] Live with mother/father/parents: parents
[22] Siblings (included you): 4
[23] Eldest: sister
[24] Youngest: brother
[25] Love/hate your family: they are lovable when they are not in the naggy mode

(too many memes are meant for those who were/are attached. DAMN IT! I'M CHANGING THE WHOLE THING. cheers to being single!!!!)

(this is gonna be damn random)
[26] If your house was burning down, what three misc items would u take (meaning the other occupants of your house already grabbed clothing, money and imp. doc): my old drawings, handphone and my cert folder (damn.. i am kiasu)
[27] Fav movie of all time: Hmmm... too many to narrow down.
[28] Would you go for plastic surgery: I dunno.
[29] The hardest thing you had to do emotionally: Bury the dead kitten my ex-cat gave birth to
[30] Same qws but physically now: Hmm.. can't remember. but prob cram the entire SAM physics sylabbus in one night. i did that for SPM trials too.
[31] The most grotesque thing you've ever seen real life: A guy masturbating. nuff said.
[32] The weirdest outfit you've ever worn: Erm.. dressing up as jasmine on orientation week. i think that is my one most weirdest outfit.
[33] You will die for: myself. and prob diamonds
[34] Choose, a safe and boring life or an exciting and dangerous life: The latter.
[35] The worst thing an acquaintance/friend/family done to you: Some stupid girl borrowed my uniform and returned it to me prob unwashed and dirtied and had the nerve to ask me if she could borrow it from me again. ish
[36] Are you straight/Lesbo: straight
[37] Are you ticklish: yes
[38] Who is the worst politician alive today: Either g. bush or soon to be dpm. damn too many to name
[39] Which is worst, to be betrayed by a close friend/family/lover or to be murdered by a stranger: betrayed. though dying would suck too
[40] Special talent: I got like.. bendable fingers.

[41] Your first best friend: Hmm.. a girl in std 1 which i can't even recall her name now. Well... can't be blamed since she moved away to a new town in std 2.
[42] Your first enemy: i forget my enemies. cause i nvr see them again.
[43] The friend you love the most: Yum cha gang :D and the 2 other musketeers in IMU
[44] The enemy you hate the most (1only): Man... i have to think long and hard about this and i can't since i spent most of my time creating qws just now. stupid me :(

so not answering
[45] Your most beautiful girl friend: Hmmm.. I can't. later the others will come after me with pickforks.
[46] Your most handsome guy friend: I only have a handful of guy friends. sooo.... none i can say is more handome-er than the other.
[47] The kind of girl you hate the most: those that pretend to be naive eventhough they are not.
[48] The kind of boy you hate the most: those that disrespect women
[49] You fall in love with your close friend before: no.
[50] Your best friend is your ex-lover: omg.. how many qws must be changed.... YES! ALL MY BEST FRIENDS ARE MY EX LOVERS.
[51] If your friend backstabbing you: I'll verbally slap her.
[52] If your friend betray you: zomg. they are gone from my life. i'm not the kind of active aggresive person unless you really get on my nerves. i am passive aggresive. so they will be totally gone form my life.
[53] If your friend woo your lover: I'll stay away. prob that friend is weird and desperate.
[54] If your friend fall in love with you: depends whether i like him back. if not.. X_X
[55] If you fall in love with your best friend: Hmm. depends on how old i am that time. hahahahahhah

[56] Are you a good student: No. last minute work make me a bad student.
[57] You always done your homeworks/assignments: yes. but uni hardly has any homework
[58] The teacher/tutor you love the most: In smksj it was Pn. Mah. now... hmmm Prof.Yaadav isn't too bad. and Prof Yasmin. at least i don't fall asleep in their class
[59] Always late to school/college: Hahaha.. most of the time
[60] Your class: ? my class? batch name: MEDT 108. lol
[61] You love your seniors: dunno a lot of them. But i can see that they do help out if the jr ever ask for help
[62] Senior who you love the most: lol. MY BROTHER!!!
[63] Your classmates good/bad: good la
[64] Excellent result classmate: everybody in my batch knows this. Prof Thomas (our batch added the prof ourselves. that's how smart he is) prob some other smart ppl there too. + there are scholarship holders in my batch
[65] Laziest classmate: i think there are a lot. lol. prob one of them is me :D

[66] Smart people: Dun act stupid
[67] Stupid people: dun act smart
[68] Good looking people: can continue becoming eye candy for the opposite gender.
[69] Ugly people: Can continue making good looking ppl look better (ouch)
[70] Funny people: rocks.
[71] Cute people: err. prob the sweetest ppl i know. look at sabby. :D
[72] Bad people: i don't know any personally.
[73] Honest people: aren't really honest all the time
[74] Acting people: errrrrrrr... acting ppl? wth? acting ppl are stupid
[75] You are what kind of people: slacker ppl

[76] Lip or eyes: eyes. ahh.. i like caucasian eyes. they come in multicolour
[77] Hugs or kisses: hugs.
[78] Shorter or taller: Taller
[79] hesitant or spontaneous: spontaneous
[80] Nice stomach or nice arms: lol. this qw is sooo meant for girls. stomach
[81] Listener or talker: talker. but yapping too much is bad
[82] Romantic or rich: aw man. can't it be romantic and rich? rich then.
[83] Good husband or Good Father: husband. buahahahhah

[84] Age to get marry: no definite age.
[85] Numbers of kid(s): none
[86] Career: mine is set in stone currently: doctor
[87] Salary: more the better
[88] Retirement age: so sad. most drs looks like they nvr ever retire unless they get a serious health condition (cancer, heart failure, stroke) or stuck gold. seriously.
[89] Properties value: wat kind of qw is this? properties value??? stupid qw
[90] Wishes: a good and stress free life

too lazy