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weird cat
2:01 am
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my neighbour across the street "owns" a cat.
"owns" because they just feed them and the cat sleeps outside sort of thing.

anyway, since Hari Raya, my neighbours have mysteriously disappered till today so their cat comes over to my place instead (since i made the mistake of rubbing its head when she was sitting on one of my house's pillar.

so i feed it now with whatever food my family doesn't wanna eat (fats and bones).
my mom already warned me this cat is not coming in the house so yeah.. its still a stray.

and not exactly a cat anyway, more of a kitten.

but this kitten is damn weird. whenever it sees anybody in my house, it straight away rubs its head all over the person's leg.
sometimes i play with it (buahahhaa... behind the door without my mom seeing) and whenever i sit it like go a bit cuckoo. It goes on a crazy rubbing frenzy. seriously. It's main objective seems to be getting its head to rub against my face.
and omg.. it climbs on my shoulder, etc etc. gila edi
fyi, i took a shower after that. it's still a feral with ticks and fleas all over anyway :/
and it rubs its head so hard till whiskers comes off.

ganas or not?

at first i thought its on heat (damn geli) but no... its not woh.. cause all the male cats in the neighbourhood aren't following it or anything.

the only reason i can think of is that the cat wants FOOD. so in xx's words, its a whore cat.
whoring herself for food.

or either its just too damn friendly