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since i'm soo bored, i shall improve my literacy.

The itch.
Nails dug into my skin and I let out a sigh of relief. It was the same damn itch again. I scratched my back furiously, alternating between the 2 parallel spots which are just where my shoulder blades would be.
"Thank god we have nails," I thought to myself.
The raised spots have been itching for weeks now. Or have the weeks turn into months? Even the doctors doesn't seem to know why in the world they suddenly erupted or how to even cure it. I was particularly pissed off with this doctor who said my lack of hygiene was the cause of this annoyance. Even with the frequent baths and scrubbing, the bloody spots won't go away.

Defeated, I finally rise from the glow of the computer screen, leaving the English assignment I was eager to finish that night. It was a great feat for me, the one that uses her leg to pick up anything on the floor as she was too lazy to bend her back for it. Laziness was the only reason why I would rather use my nails- the sure way to get raw patches of skin glowing red and occasionally scars; than to use the ointment which does relieve the itch some what.

I looked at my back through a mirror.
"Shit" The raised spots looked much bigger. It may be due to the scratching. Worried, I slabbed on an extra amount of ointment. I was somewhat disappointed the bumps didn't immediately shrink when I glanced at the mirror again. Sadden by the fact that my backless tops have to remain at the back of the closet for maybe another eternity, sleep was all I wanted.

I woke up with a feeling like I was lying down on 2 golfballs. Panic was all I could do when I realized the 2 golf balls were actually the bumps. I ran to the bathroom and looked into the mirror.


I peered closer. I tried to turn my head as much as possible but realized that 360 head turns were only possible when one is possessed by demonic spirits like in the Exorcist. So using my years of expertise in "self photography" I took a picture of my back and zoomed into those spots on the small LCD screen.
It wasn't enough for me. What I was seeing, I could not believe. I took more shots and uploaded it to my computer. There I saw the same thing on my 19" screen.Puzzled, I wondered if I had accidentally had alcohol or sniffed some marijuana in the air. Realizing it was pretty impossible to be getting delusional with a sip of alcohol taken last week or sniffing minute amounts of marijuana particle in the air, I stared at the picture of my back.
I peered. and looked, and analyzed it.

But still I reached the same conclusion:
I've been growing wings.


sry for wasting your time... hahahahahaha