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the most disgusting module i have to study is......................

the winner hands down.

*if you are eating spagetti and have a strong disgust for worms... u have been warned.*
*no images though. so no worries*

in this module, super disgusting pictures can be found.
i thank god that my lectures notes aren't riddled with pictures (though the pictures will certainly create an impact)

probably has something to do with my phobia of worms and all things that is long and move like a worm.
snakes i have no probs with so long as they are not soft, slimy and they move the disgusting way caterpillars, earthworms, etc do.

so yes, back to the topic

omg......... the worst of the lot is helminthic infections (intestinal worm infections)
hookworms can penetrate the skin and crawl everywhere leaving 100's of tunnels in your skin


wait... their life cycle includes penetrating the heart and lungs!! THE LUNGS!
so when u got a funny tickle at the back of your throat... u might end up coughing up a worm. or wormS (seriously)

then wat else... oh.. i say the most disgusting crap is Ascaris lumbricoides
Ugh... i've met that worm face to face before (thank god it was encased in a glass box) during one of the parasitology lab sessions.
and omg... its as thick as a rope. most worms are pretty damn small (like threads) this one is like.... as fat as half a human finger. and long. its as long as the entire length of your fingers+palm
And this disgusting piece of crap can crawl up to your LUNGS TOOO!!!!!

so i made the mistake of googling the worm in Google Images.

ahhh... if u wanna see wat i saw, go ahead.
don't blame me if u lose your lunch or dinner.


the image is burned into my brain... bluekkk

(ps: it involved a. lumbricoides + a girl + nose + mouth. i think u can sort of guess
another one is like a butt+ omg... pail loads of worms coming out)

uhhhh... no more spagetti for a loooooooooooooooong time...
i feel slightly nauseated now