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7:37 pm
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I read one of mel's blog post (yes, i do read those blog i link :D)
and one of hers was talking about times back in high school.

ah... nostalgia.

which reminds me, I have been having really weird bizarre dreams lately.
I keep dreaming of SMKSJ.

yes... weird....................

and not once. but trice.

but in my dreams, everything was just wrong cause... the ppl studying there are friends/ acquaintances from college or uni. There are some ppl who were actually studying there in my dreams but those ppl are like... i nvr even talked to them before. They just suddenly appear in my subconsciousness.


then today i had a dream about my exam.
I usually get dreams like this (yes... my kiasuness even leaked into my dream) around the exam period about me being late for an exam, getting exam results but so far in those dreams i nvr actually got the chance to see my virtual exam results.

this time, i saw it.

lol... if i can get exam results like what i did in my dream, i'll be damn happy.

i wish that dream did come true. :D

(ps: but somehow things that do happen in my dreams have a funny way of happening the exact opposite of what i dreamt. hahaha... and it'll prob be true if i don't study my sem 1 stuff right away!! I'M STILL IN HOLIDAY MOOD (i slept a total of 15 hrs today :D))