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6:30 pm
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hmm.. i was wondering over this:

what makes chinese look chinese; japanese, japanese; korean, korean; etc?

and caucasians.

i know caucasians look a world different from us but i really can't make out what makes us look so oriental and them so.. western.
The nose? but some japanese have high nose bridge and small nose
The eyes? Some orientals have big eyes too. and double eyelid for that matter.
Mouth? gah. can't think of any difference.

One thing i did notice though is the eyebrows. Caucasians have their eyebrows closer to their eyes since their eyes are deep setting. Ours are further away.

Just a weird thing i notice when i draw. sometimes they come out looking like a westerner sometimes oriental. maybe yeen can shed light.

hahaha.. i decided to just go ahead and do my own experiment. photoshopped a pic to make it look more caucasian.

ori (i chose a pretty bad pic. does she look very oriental?):

I still can't make her look 100% caucasian. and damn. the photoshopped pic looks too fake.
looks like some botched plastic surgery. haizzz

for comparison:
(changed a few things on the photoshopped pic. that's why she looks a tad diff fr above)
can u guys guess what i changed?