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greys anatomy

i heart.

but i just read a blog by a med student saying that he can't watch medical dramas for their unrealistic settings/plots/ etc.

maybe i shall learn to hate greys anatomy with time. and house. and all other medical dramas.

my sister doesn't watch any now since
a) she can't stand the nonsense in those shows
b) more importantly, she doesn't have the time

right now, according to her, after medical school your life is basically:
a)sleep-5-6 hrs
b)work- depending on shift, usually 10-12 hrs then u have overtime too :D
c)eat-1 hr

and when you have free time, its usually for studying since you don't want to lose all those precious information accumulated in medical school and also research on new medical updates.

when you have your holiday its grocery shopping and cleaning up the place or either just sleeping.

and the amount of paperwork is shocking. i think she has worked overtime just to get her paperwork done.

then not to mention being on call. meaning that the hospital can call u up anytime if there is an emergency. that's why doctors even have a special room so they can sleep there.

and in greys anatomy, the oncall room has lost its meaning. and all the interns still have nicely placed hair at the end of their shift. not to mention the amount of free time they all seem to have.
and they have a few multipurpose surgeons. (SS- super surgeons)

house... seems like the whole hospital only has house and his team of doctors. which doctor would actually break into ppl's house to look for toxins, etc?
and seems to be the multipurpose surgeon. any surgical scene and he will be the surgeon.

but nevertheless. i love tv series