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another whiny blog post.

why oh why can't they make their spelling standard!!!
vena then we have venae which essentially mean vein.

then we have esophagus and oesophagus
then estrogen and oestrogen

the weirdest one is adrenaline and epinephrine.

then in medicine we have all the cool words like demarcated (differentiation), bifurcation (branching into 2), anastomoses (branching).

and who won't get confuse when we have to memorize crista ampullaris (receptor for balance in the ear), crista terminalis (muscle in the heart) and terminal cisternae (reticulum in the muscle).

then we have: synchondroses (primary cartilaginous joint), symphyses (secondary cartilaginous joint), synathroses (joints with no movement) and syndesmoses (a type of fibrous joint). omggggg

and proteoglycans, prostacyclin and another pro-something-something-i-can't-remember-anymore (SHIT!)

don't get me started on the abbreviations.
GPI, VEGF, TXA, CHF, RVF, ADH, ANF, ACF, IFN, TPR (lol..), APC, TSH, JGA, the list goes on.
and in this list there's only 4 hormones. hormones are like... the tome of abbreviations