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i think i'm suffering from bloggerhoea.

lock me in a room with internet connection + com with all my med notes and tell me that i only can get out if i memorize all of my notes you'll find me blogging 99% of the time.

procrastination is evil!!

anyway, just thought of something quite funny.

if letsay i were to explain about the "bintik kuning" in our eye to my dear yum cha gang friends it would go:
"the bintik kuning is the spot of clearest vision.The deepest layer in our eye is the nervous layer and the bintik kuning is where there is a central depression on that layer."

now, in medical lingo:
"macula lutea is where cones are concentrated on the retina fovea centralis."

medical lingo makes all sentences shorter and more accurate.
and nobody can understand what the heck we are talking about.

it's like a secret society :D

If anybody saw the news on mon, they reported that a traffic jam was caused by a car who stopped by the side of the road. Passerbys saw a motionless driver so they thought he was dead. Police arrived with a forensic team i think and they were about to check his pulse when he woke up. Apparantly he is a doctor who was so tired, he stopped his car to sleep for a while.
They didn't say how long he was asleep for though but i guess pretty long since he managed to cause a traffic jam

a life of a doctor is so sad ;(

dunno if the police fined him.

another sad sad story is told by my sis.
after working crazy hours this doctor was damn tired by the end of his shift. He drove home and later died in an accident. This really happened in Boxhill Hospital.
That's why when my sis fr that hospital tried to drive home after a looong shift the nurses advised her to take the train instead.