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6:37 pm
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I have trouble sleeping.
But it's not like any sleeping problem where some one just can't sleep.
It's a weird problem.
I'm so tired, if i lie down for a minute i'll probably fall right fast asleep.
But I think about how I have to wake up and start studying tomorrow I don't feel like going to sleep.

And i've no idea what crap am I talking about.
My english is getting crappier and crappier. It's quite upsetting.
Studies is like crap too. Spending an ENTIRE day to read 1 lecture note. The other 99% of the time is spent stoning.

Oh, anyway, we (IMU students) went to Hospital Seremban and Hospital Port Dickson for the past 2 days. It was a nice break from the monotony of lectures/PBL/CSUs but other than that it was quite a waste of time. We went there with the objective to learn about what nurses do and observe how they do it.
But that task only took 3 hrs at most. They left us there for 8 hours. So 5 hours spent lepaking around the hospital. But we did get to see the patient's notes, etc and it just proves that doctor's handwriting really do suck. 50% of what was written either i couldn't read it at all or i have no idea what they are writing apart due to the lack of knowledge. It's funny to notice that all the neat handwritten patient's notes are almost always written by the nurses.
It's a good concept for IMU to organise this trip for us but I think it should have been done in a later semester where we have more knowledge.

Oh... I got to see a dead body, a newborn baby and loads of road accident victims with broken bones, cuts, etc.

And on a lighter note, I attended a meeting on viagra to accompany my dad (and according to my dad, to learn new knowledge. lol)
found out a few interesting facts. hahahahaha