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Ways to tell if you are kiasu

  1. When the lecturer recommends a book, you run to the library later to borrow it and had the urge to hide all the other copies of the book
  2. When the lecturer asks to gather round, you immediately get up from your seat and speed walk to the lecturer hopefully getting a front row view eventhough you might be 6ft tall
  3. You arrive to class 30 minutes earlier to book the seat in front of the projector
  4. You get irritated when someone else taken your seat in class/ library/ lab
  5. Whenever a new book gets mentioned around class, you rush back to google the book's name and find out all the information you can about it
  6. You have at least 3 different books on the same area of study
  7. You have all the books in the photocopying shop
  8. You feel like studying when you see others study
  9. When someone mentions something you don't know, you feel your knowledge is inadequate and decide to study an extra 3 hours that day
  10. You have a countdown timer on your hp/computer to the exam's date
  11. You have your notes in your bag each time you go out
  12. When exam comes, you have at least the following items:
    • 1x mechanical pencil +lead,
    • 4x wooden pencils (in case mechanical pencil spoils)
    • 3x pen (in case one pen after the other runs out of ink),
    • 1x gel pen (in case the ballpoint ones fail on you)
    • 1x eraser + sharpener
    • 1x ruler (eventhough the exam wouldn't need it)
    • 5x highlighter
  13. You quadruple check your pencilbox before the exam
  14. When sitting for gov exams, your pencils and eraser are all exam graded by Stabilo
  15. You buy a whole box of pencils each time a gov exam comes
  16. You bring your books on exam day eventhough there is no time for you to read
  17. When you have finished answering the questions, you look around to see if anybody has finished just to compare if you have finished the fastest
  18. You compare answers with your friends after the exam
  19. Then you compare the answers with the reference book and calculate how much you would be getting
  20. You countdown the days to the release of the results each day
  21. You phone/sms/msn your friends to ask about the results but is reluctant to reveal your own
  22. You get frustrated when someone else gets a better result then you
  1. You come 2 hrs earlier to a store that hasn't open when its having sales
  2. During sales you grab all the items that are on sale and later discard 50% of the items
  3. You feel irritated when other cars cut your lane
Can't think of anymore.

lol... and to think i won't post anymore entries.
look how bored i am :(