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and damn it. the same lecturer keeps marking my essay. do we get an assigned lecturer to mark all of our AIR topics?


I feel bitterness and anger right now. And a lot of regret for not making my essay better.
Is it my fault?
Should I have checked it more? Added more facts? Make it more enjoyable? Change the style?

i want doaremon and his time machine

I'm so angry I feel faint.
seriously... My head feels like a thousand kilos now and I feel my chair is slanted like i'm gonna fall down. I think i'm getting giddy from being too angry.
there's a saying that u can get all giddy from being too happy.
I say its wrong. u can get giddy by being too angry.
I'm so fuming right now I want to throw darts on somebody's picture.


I shall plagiarize now. No more taking the high road.

AIR is totally useless crap. Don't get it why we even need it. if IMU wants to cultivate writing skills since most of us are going to contribute to research papers and prob writing up articles to journals, etc, what's with the 300 word limit?
They only have the word limit because the lecturers don't want to mark 50 4-page essays on the same subject. So why can't they cut down the frequency we have to do this crap and allow the lecturers to mark our essay over the sem holidays? meaning 1 essay per sem.

and damn... don't they have standard marking? Like what qualifies for an A, A-, B, etc? Or its up to the lecturer's whim to give whatever marks to a student.
If they do have something like an answer sheet to follow, why can't they post it up students to see?
at least we know what went wrong with the essay. even a bloody general guideline will do.
A= contains all points, interesting and cohesive
A- = contains all points and cohesive

Even better if they can post up sample essays of what is an A,B, or C essay. randomly pick an essay with those marks and post it in the common directory for all to access. Anonymity is given to those who wrote the essays.
Is that so hard to do?

Sucks. Useless system.
Now with the current system is we write our essay, hand it in, get the marks, cry, repeat.
Sometimes no constructive criticism is given at all. either no comment or comments that make no sense. so in the end the system is to taunt and pull down the spirits of students who get less than satisfactory results.
No freaking use.
We do research and all that but isn't it the same as PBL anyway?

that's why most of us leave the stupid "what is good about AIR?" qw blank ALL THE TIME

and what's with asking us the same stupid 3 qws every single time we submit AIR?

stupid stupid stupid stupid