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3:52 am
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my sleeping cycle is getting weird

the day before: slept at 4 woke up at 6.45
yesterday: slept at 2 woke up at 10
today: slept at 4 woke up at 7

not to mention merdeka weekend where i constantly slept at 6am


and i don't even spend the extra time studying. i study 1-2 hrs everyday (matila) and the rest of the day is just spent staring at the ceiling/door.
also partly ps2 fault. hehehehe

now i'm so tired, my brain is just stoning. but have to go to airport to send off bro and go uni later.
and i've to finish microbio by this week.
immuno by next week
parasitology by the week after next
pharmaco by end of the month

i don't have alot of time to study.
padan muka study 1 month before exam. even my bro say i die edi. and i take his word seriously.

soooo... i shall ban msn and ps2
no more seeing me online.
if you see my shoo me away. nudge me until i exit msn
remind me i have 1 month to memorize 100+? parasites, bacteria, viruses and immunology reactions, etc
and not to mention understanding pharmaco crap. really pity pharmacy students... dunno how they can stanad such boring stuff.

i dont wanna faillll

oh... then after this exam i have 2 weeks to study 6 months worth of mind numbing anatomy and physiology of the WHOLE body which means 12 systems. 12 systems in 2 weeks. wow.
must study like 1 system a day