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medical school
6:12 am
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rare update. lol

Med school doesn't really feel like med school yet.
It's more like a routine school thing. I used to think that med school is such a glorious thing *cough* glamorous *cough* (lol... nerd idolization). What I really meant was that med school is supposed to be so intense and difficult. I thought joining med school might make me work harder. Be more disciplined.
But here I am typing this entry out at home when I'm supposed to attend lectures.
And maybe that's why I'm still thinking of the reason why I'm in med school.
The road is still so long and I can't see the end.

Everyday... we have lectures, occasional PBLs and CSUs, useless MMS sessions which everybody goes just to sign the attendence list (similar to lab sessions). The lectures are mind numbing. You can't really think straight when you're in a lecture hall. Your mind drifts off and the next thing you know your friend is nudging you for you to wake up cause the lecturer spotted you sleeping.

Right now I'm not too sure what I'm acually doing. Go to IMU, come back, sleep, eat, sleep. Repeat X5. Weekends are basically: eat, sleep, crap, sleep, eat, TV
Then repeat the whole cycle x1000
It's like going back to sec school.

But I guess when exams approach it'll be more interesting. There'll be the pressure to study. And maybe I won't feel so bored anymore since by the time I start studying there's always not enough time to study. And when I'm not bored, my mind doesn't drift off to start thinking of stupid stuff like why is life so pointless. Pointlessness.

And I need to get that darn A.
Just to prove to my brother I can do it too. That darn A...

Moving on to another random subject...:
I love the olympics. I don't know why but i some sort of satisfaction from watching the Games.
Maybe because it's a competition. Working so hard to achieve something you want so badly. You keep hoping for the best and yet most of the time your dream just smashes in your face.
Ah... the memories.

Ok... I being super random. I shall end here.