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7:01 pm
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Today I just found out that my brother's friend died in a car crash.
It all seems rather surreal. But I'm generally not affected by it since I've never met that friend before (apart from a brief meeting in the airport when he was there to send my brother off to UK)
And it's not really the first time since my sister lost a classmate in college and another friend in melb due to a skiing freak accident.

But if I think about it longer, what strikes me is that how much difference a day can do.
We go through life never really thinking that tomorrow maybe our last day. We are young and energetic, full of potential and have years ahead of us.

Do we?

Anything can happen in a blink of an eye and sometimes I find it sad that we can never really have full control of our lives. If a bigger force decides that its time, no allowances will be made and in a second everything will be lost.
So if you think about it that way, all the hatred and bitterness for enemies and whatever seems pretty pointless.
Poking fun at our politicians is fun though and can never be considered pointless.

Ah well... just have to move on and hopefully live to see another day