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Promised pics
4:17 am
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Ok... so long time no update. :P
But here are the pics I said i'll post up:

Hippo wrist rest (official use) but i also use it as a squeeze buddy/ light when i switch the lights off (cause it's glow in the dark) given to me by college buddy, Chirunu san!

Another hippo camwhore pic

My bro's gift (which is a total surprise) The pendant is made out from Mother of Pearl (meaning the oyster shell)

Macro shot. I dun like Olympus camera :(

The earrings given by the fab sisters. YK and YY. lol

My chatting buddy during boring lectures (which is virtually all the lectures we have have now), Joanne's gift. Lol.. it's a stress ball which is pretty practical this yr since we have EOS coming up right after Sum 2. It's Miss Pinky (yea.. pretty uncreative but it was named during a lecture on Infectious Disease so what do u expect)

Yeen's card (the envelope is made out from mesh!). She is my friend fr primary school and she nvr failed to wish me every yr. I'm happy to have a friend like her :D
And all her cards are handmade! And soooo much better than those factory made cards.

Card details
Yeen keeps insisting she made a mistake here. I see no mistake.... (eventhough u pointed it out to me I still can't see what's wrong with it)

More details (butterfly butterfly lalala)

Finally... sab's present. (the tshirt) Ignore messy background and me kneeling on the ground. Somehow it's hard to capture the whole shirt into the background without my hands shaking violently. She also gave me a little tshirt for my car (no no... it's not an actual tshirt for the car. More like a decoration) and tobelerone chocolate fr Labuan!

Thanks so much guys!!!

Now.. on to more photos (holiday randomness):
I said i wanted to sew something. Guess what! I did! And made this dress
The sewing is horrendous though.

Bon Odori! I like this pic. Its colourful. That balloon on the top kept blocking my camera. So i didn't take anymore pics

Observe what is written on the red background and pronounce. I see innocent names in a different eye.

Kaye after dyeing.

Me and kaye camwhore. Look at our brand new hair!!

Obligatory camwhore pic after getting new hair (too bad the curls are gone now).

Yen has more pics though. Have to get them fr her.
Anyway... uni has started and as I've mentioned before... they are disastrously boring. And we are more busy as we now have 2 PBLs a week (PBL= Problem Based Learning where we have to research on random stuff related to the lectures) , more lab sessions to come... and basically the reason why i don't update as much or go online as much is cause my bro is back fr Dundee

So it's either he is using the internet or I'm too distracted playing Assasin's Creed (a computer game which my bro had the cd) or either watching him play God of War 2 on the playstation. See... i say i'm a computer game/tv addict and no one believes me. I'm like the cacat-er version of your ordinary geek cause I don't really speak computer language and somehow was forced to format my com 4 times since my bro left.


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