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my bday
6:57 pm
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so it's my bday again.

tq very very much to those who wished me thru sms,msn n facebook :D
And thanks to leo, ultra bb partner (who called me at nearly 12am..), xx, fab lame club CEO, who called me all the way fr the land of down under and also sab!, the ultra sweet college buddy, who called me too :D

Yen and kaye belanja-ed me at Sushi Zanmai on my bday eve too!! I love japanese food. *drools*
I got to eat a whole plate of those small octopus too.
Buahahaha.... cause they didn't want to eat "intelligent creatures" ;D
And they also treated me to watch Kungfu Panda on that day
Too bad no camwhore pics.

Then on the 12th, me, yen, yeen and kaye went to Bon Odori at the Matsushita Stadium. We a wee bit too late so all the fans ran out so we danced empty handed. But later we went to mamak and chit chat (yen again belanja me mamak!!!) Oh... they also gave me these cute teddy bear earrings (which i will post pics later). Yeen gave me a handmade card (definitely a hundred times better than those store bought cards anytime)

XX also made something like a photo montage for me.
I look so fab. ahahahahah...

ok.. click for a bigger screenshot pic or just hop over to xx's blog.

wait another 50 yrs before i can actually have enough money to dress like that. But then i'll be old and wrinkly by then. Darn... that's why i have friends like xx to "cyberly" dress me up. lol

Oh... and i shall soon include pics fr my college class gathering last week where wee kiat and cheryl bought me a small cake for my bday :D

Evil wee kiat actually smeared chocolate on my face followed by Pei Chern. I shall get them back..!
*_* <--- evil glint

Pei Chern also bought me a present which was an arm rest thing which is darn cute. It glows in the dark. better to see my mouse when i'm too lazy to on the light when i'm online-ing at 3am

all in all.... it's been a fab bday.
Hugs and kisses to all who have been sooooo kind to me.

And hopefully, i hope all the wishes come true and I shall have a fab 19th year, till the next bday comes along :D