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i'm so tempted to blog again after seeing anonymous comment in my shoutbox.
I think i know who is it (but i'm just guessing though) since the number of readers i have is probably limited by the number of fingers i have.

ok.. so in case the comment is lost in the pages of shoutbox comments, i quote it here:
its getting boring... ur blog.. try something new n fresh pls..!!

i know i shouldn't take it seriously since my blog is my blog and i can write whatever the heck i want in my small little pitiful green webpage of mine, but i'm in a bit of a pissy mode now so yea..

So fresh and new? i don't really know what this mean. Fresh and new? It's not like i'm designing clothes here or writing reviews of gadgets/cars/movies and crapz. What does fresh and new means in the context of my blog? So far I've been blogging whatever random thoughts i have in my head or events which are important. Actually, this blog is more meant for me than for my readers. Although a big part of it is to just somehow stay in touch with friends, the blog is sort of like a diary for me to read after a year or so.
Everybody who knows me know that i'm one of the most forgetful idiots around. I leave my things everywhere. I can't remember most of who i mixed with in primary school. Hence a blog.
I laugh when i read back how i felt about SPM last time. Now I can only remember SPM as some stupid exam which only main purpose is to get a scholarship. And to get a scholarship, you either must
a) have a religion where the quota system favours you the most.
b) take AT LEAST 13 subjects for SPM

SPM is of no point if less than 13 subjects is taken cause no matter how many A1's you get, the only thing you can do with your SPM results is apply for college. After that's done, you might as well burn it.

Back to the subject, fresh and new. I dunno... maybe i should become a bimbo blogger. Just randomly post camwhore pics photoshopped like gila. Or maybe a sensational blogger. Just backstab all the friends that don't read this blog and those that my readers know.
That will be more interesting?

So this post shall be damn interesting:

(insert pic of self)

(insert pic of self)

(insert pic of self) x1000

(insert pic of teddy bear)

(insert emo pic)


__(fill name)___ is the biggest BiAtCh in the world. She act as if she has a donkey stuffed up her behind. And you know what? __(fill name)__ is also another one. She acts like she so cute. She has the crappiest face I've seen in my entire life. Looks like inbred daughter only. Maybe hor... Wait till her boyfriend leave her then she know. Her boyfriend veli cute actually. Maybe I take her boyfriend when he leaves her. Blaah ablaha ablaha (bitchx100, whore, slut, etc etc)

My brain just died.