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I watched it.
and boo... i was disappointed.

I was expecting something like the Bourne series kind of movie. But what I got was a man who ran out a window and jumped maybe... 10 meters (well.. all the way across a 4 lane road) ? to the next building killing 3 guys with guns at the same time.

First thing that came into my mind was : Wat the???

So apparently it is a superhero movie. Which explains the excessive scenes which bends
pulverized the laws of physics (2 cars driving at 60km/h, head on, will NOT result in carnage but instead the other car will fly and flip across the next lane and land perfectly or shooting a bullet which can turn 360 degrees to kill off all the bad guys (6 of them?) like in a merry go round of death without the bullet losing momentum)

And seriously... the person which directs them who to kill is.......
A GIANT WEAVING MACHINE!!! (and i kid you not)
And nobody even controls this machine. It just weaves fabric and they interpret the weave of the thread on the fabric. Isn't like so cool? There must be thousands of names already. How in the world would they know how to arrange the alphabets to form a name, i have no idea.
And they won't even know if they killed the wrong guy.

And they added a super cliche moment: the main actor finds out that the person he was trying to kill is....
HIS FATHER!!! (so darth vader man)

Haiz... i was disappointed with the stupid storyline.
But the action scenes are really good. And as everybody says, Angelina Jolie is really hot in the movie. She's the best looking character there.

So if u're planning to watch this movie, be prepared to be brain dead when u finish watching it cause the storyline is absurdly stupid. All the other reviewers are right. They said
"If Maxim magazine ever decides to branch out into filmmaking, Wanted is just the kind of ear-throttling nonsense it's bound to produce"
"the cinematic equivalent of an energy drink. The film keeps artificially pumping your adrenal glands with mindless, malnutritional sensations, only to leave you crampy and cranky minutes later."
*maxim is a man's magazine