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the problem with chemical names
3:42 am
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One of the more frustrating things about medical school is the weird molecule names.
all of them sound nearly the same with their phosphate components and what not.
enzymes especially. the only easy thing about enzymes is that you have the ~ase at the back.

I really pity pharm students.

I should be more whiny when i start learning pharmacology and microbiology next semester.

for now, i'm just happy that i have 2 more IMPORTANT systems to go - endocrine and repro.
the other 2 not so important-but-maybe-the-diff-between-passing-and-failing is: behavioral science and statistics.
i shall be sleep deprived on thursday. hopefully (cross fingers!!!) there won't be a major accident on the LDP this coming fri. The last time a RapidKL bus fell into a longkang, most arrived at IMU at 9:30. that's about 2 and a half hours in the jam.
luckily joanne graciously offered me to stay at her house until the jam subsided ;)

tomorrow is already my patient interview test.
best thing to do is not panic (don't panic sook cheng don't panic!)
wish me luck and hopefully i get to entice the sp (stimulated patient) into talking for a full 5 minutes non stop and get all the necessary info.
I hope i get a talkative sp :D