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9:12 pm
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i have a terribly short attention span.

it's a wonder i'm still maintaining this blog.

I jump from one interest to another. It's quite teruk.
Cause when i'm interested in that particular area, i really go all out to do it.
My area of interest is really varied because of it. And also because of it i gathered a few skills along the way.
Firstly, was my obsession with anime/manga. This lead me to improve my drawing skills...Man... the amount of drawings i made during form 1-3 is kind of embarrassing. Then it slowly toned down.
Then i moved on to my obsession with all things japanese. Lucky all i did was just admire stuff online.
Then, was stencilling. Lol... i stencilled a few shirts here and there. so i know how to stencil :P
Then, it was sewing. Heck i just sewed 2 dresses.

When i'm in my obsessed mode, i just get a very very strong urge to just do it.
Which can be good and bad.
I dunno... what does this all mean? too much tv?

No wonder i can nvr concentrate in lectures. And studying is such a burden.
gah... my future looks very bleak. Honestly, i always thought that i would be changing jobs here and there.... which is not good at all.


The only thing that never cease to amuse me is my beloved tv and my ps2. and then again... i sometimes have these phases with games too. Play like 24-7, then suddenly nvr play at all.
That's why i have 5++ games still uncompleted. My brother hates me for taking up all the space in the memory card. hehehe