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6:10 pm
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I am currently morphing into a slug.
I wake up, brush teeth, eat, play, eat, eat, play, play,toilet, tv,eat, tv, play, eat, toilet, chat, sleep.
This is the very intimate details of what i'm doing just about everyday since the holiday start.
That's why i only come online at 12am onwards also most of the time :D

And i like it :D
Except i get a annoying thought in my head telling me that "something productive has to be done"
I'm sure that when I stared at my 42" tv long enough, that thought would disappear.
I am exercising my thumbs anyway (cause i'm playing my beloved ps2 which i amazingly have the self constraint to play only during holidays (but probably because i'm too darn lazy to fix it up each time i want to play it)). That counts as something productive

However, there are some stuff I must do before the holidays are over:
hopefully i'll do them ;) Momzilla is pretty scary