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Sooooo... i've been driving for the past 3 months? on my own.

Ahahaha... i can now confidently say i can get to IMU on my own. (so sad ;( )
Other places i'm still trying to figure out how to get there. Getting to 1u still confuses me.
But i've certainly improve.
Last time due to my inefficiency in using the gears, one full tank can bring me to and fro IMU only 4 times. Now it's 5. :D (+ with mom using kancil to get around giant, banks, etc)
And now with the fuel hike... :D :D

The fuel hike, we have to pay 78 cents extra.
My little kancil can fill about 16 litres, so 16x0.78 = 12.48
for a whole month- 12.48x4= 49.92

nearly rm50 more. With rm50 i can buy so much stuff already. hmmm... actually not really.
One bowl of mee also become nearly rm5 so rm50 only can eat 10 bowls of mee.

So sad when the world is getting more expensive.