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dang it

another... 14 days? 2 weeks exactly. still have cardio and respi and renal and repro and endocrine and BS


i had a patient interview yesterday. my very first patient interview (well, the patient was stimulated as in the uni hires outside ppl to come in and act (At rm5/hr u know...) but nevertheless... still my first)
And i was too nervous. No idea why. Was pretty relaxed before and didn't think much about it.. but when i walked into the room, everybody was so tensed, i became tensed too.

Anyway, my patient was complaining of feeling cold. she taken panadol 2 days ago but the fever hasn't subsided. she is worried it might be dengue cause there are a lot of dengue cases in her area and she's worried she might pass it on to her children.

I forgot to ask where did she think she contracted the disease and why she thought it was dengue.

That was my only practise interview. After this, the interview will assessed.
I dunno... i thought it was pretty dumb that the lecturer (who will be marking us) thought i didn't get the information from the patient if i didn't ask the qw (eg: we are supposed to find out what has the patient done about her problem and ask the patient but sometimes the patient themselves already told us what they did so it's a bit stupid to ask the qw when the answer will be same)
Patient: I have this fever and i took 2 panadols to help with the fever
Student: Oh... ok. So what have you done about the fever?
Patient: errr... i took 2 panadol.


Patient: I have this fever and i took 2 panadols to help with the fever
Student: Oh... ok. *moving on to next information we are supposed to gather* So when did the fever start?
Patient: 2 days ago, blah blah blah

So in the end, we must ask everything. And sound like a total ignorant fool.
Stupid ness we just have to repeat what ever the patient says and add stupid comments once in a while (eg: "ohh... panadol? my mom used to give me that when i had fever last time too!!!!" ) to build "rapport" with the patients (but wth right? if i had a fever and went to see the doctor, i won't even bother to know stuff like that cause i'll be so uncomfortable in the first place. if i went to see the doctor, i just want to be given the medication to relieve my discomfort asap and go back to rest)