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beauty and the beast
4:25 am
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Yay! yesterday me and my mom went over to KLCC to watch Beauty and the Beast, the broadway musical.

I've never actually taken interest in theater shows and musical shows (apart from the occasional musical movies my friends bugged me to watch) so I never really thought much about it.

But anyway we took the public transport there yesterday and we amazingly made it exactly on time to the Planery Hall. I was dressed in jeans, a shirt and blouse while my mom was in slacks and a tshirt. Hahaha... and we saw so many people dressed up like it was going to be some gala dinner or it was prom night or something.
One little girl even wore belle's yellow gown costume. All the other little girls that night were like "amazed" by her. Each time a little girl sees her, they start pulling their parents hands, asking their parents to look at her. There was this particular little girl who was holding her father's hand. When she saw the "little belle", she started tugging at her father's hand and started poking him in a ... umm... very nonstrategic location: the groin (because she was so short compared to her father so that's the place where her arms automatically go for). The father sort of like shooed her finger away. AHAHAHAHA

Anyway... eventhough we arrived exactly on 8pm (we were so worried the show might start), disappointingly, even the show wasn't spared from the infamous malaysian timing. I've no idea what was so interesting outside that most of the people didn't enter the hall and needed to be ushered in. Even the VIP were seated and most of the audience was still outside. They only started pouring in after they announced they were starting the show in 5 minutes.
At one time... suddenly audience at the right side of the hall started clapping their hands. Everybody was like huh?
Apparantly it was a way to tell the organizers to hurry up and start the show. I guess it worked since the show begun shortly after.

The props and costumes were all very nicely done. All the characters, with their thick thick makeup looked exactly like the characters from the animated version. My favourite one was Gaston, the self loving muscle dude, cause he really really looks like Gaston. And all his expressions and movement were super funny. Another favourite is Lumiere, the flirtatious candlestick holder. The use of the fire on his "arms" were right on the spot.
Lumiere and Cogsworth
Belle and the nameless prince aka Beast

All the other characters were there: belle and the beast of course, gaston's righthand man, the talking cupboard, babette (the featherduster), mrs potts and chip (chip is actually a malaysian cause as i remembered, they were calling for malaysians to come in for an audition), belle's father, and all the other moving objects (napkins, grater, placemat, cutleries, plates)

My favourite scene is of course when Belle goes for dinner with Lumiere and he sings "Be my guest"
Belle teaching the Beast how to read.

"DAMN YOU ROSE!!! I'll use UHU to superglue all the petals back!!"

Too bad I forgot to bring my camera cause my phone camera wasn't powerful enough. All the characters appear as glowing spots due to the bright spotlights. :(
So all the photographs above are stolen from the internet.

Also, near the ending of the show (gaston fighting with the beast, etc etc) they had a technical error. They delayed it about 5 minutes or so. I think the technical error was due to the prop on the left side of the stage not moving (so part of the balcony was missing) . Which is quite funny. Anyway they repeated the whole scene again and then it was the end!

The whole show lasted about 3 hours which caused us to miss the last train back from klsentral to subang (last train is at 11) and the stupid indian ktm guy which i asked about the train offered to take me back to subang for rm18. When i said i was travelling with my mom he was like "oh.. 2 person ah.. that one maybe a bit hard" SUPER SUSPICIOUS
Anyway rm18 is not really a fantastic deal too (plus he said that he goes to shah alam so not sure whether can go subang also). Anyway we just had to call my father to come pick us up.

So the end :D