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i wonder how is the feeling like to know that hundreds of people are listening to a song that i created, sung, etc. to know that those hundreds are dancing and singing to it.
i'll be damn proud eventhough the album didn't reach platinum status or whatever.
it's just so damn cool to know that people are listening to your songs.

it's good to know that you're appreciated.

I suddenly miss the feeling of walking up the stage feeling so anxious before a competition. I rarely join competitions anymore. :(
What to do... 18 above competitions are too dang hard. When I was 12 i can bully all those younger than me cause the age limit is usually 12. hahahaha. which explains my natural addiction to competition.

On another random note, I found out how i love driving back from IMU. It's such a happy drive back. Maybe cause the roads are usually clear and i know i'm driving back to land on my bed.
Ahhh... i still am a little anxious on the road though. Not as tensed as last time but ppl driving behind me will probably be saying "STUPID P DRIVER!!! dunno how to drive faster ka??"
And I don't give a damn. go ahead and overtake me la idiots instead of honking sometimes. And i'm always on the left lane already. and as a side note, i'm usually driving at the speed limit or faster already. stupid gila ppl.

I just got harassed again when i was walking with my mom. Not very serious, one indon guy walking past me stick out his tongue and wiggle it. He walked past me before I had time to react but i just felt seriously disgusted after that. This happened in Taipan. Another time was in Sunway with my mom too. A chinese apek driving on a motorcycle starting making the kissing sound when he went passed us. I gave him the dirty look. Dunno if it worked or either he just had to concentrate on the road cause he did stop after that.
I dunno. It seems that guys don't really see it as harassment. It's nothing wat, just playing with you a little. They didn't even touch you or anything.


how would the guys like it if a guy did that too OTHER GUYS? And everyday in the newspaper there is reports of guys being raped by other guys EVERYDAY. Like father/uncle/grandfather raping son. And guy friends gang raping one poor helpless guy. And male bosses start to molest male workers.
Then whenever a guy goes out alone stupid banggla man start whistling. Even drivers on the road can stick out their head and shout "HEY! BUDAK!! MUAXXX!!!"
What's worst is that gov ministers start blaming it on the clothes you wear: "Who ask the guys to wear such transparent white shirt without wearing anything inside. If other man see his nipples of course they would get "stimulated". who can blame them???"